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The Loft Columbus Georgia

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Bob Avery, Trumpet


Alfredo Davila, Percussions

Puerto Rico

Afriewecandodis, Performance Artist

Selma, Alabama

MIguel Quarez, Guitar

Manilla, Phillipeans

Al Richardson, Drums

Phenix City, Alabama

Akia Bryant Kidd, Flute

Montevello University

Barbara Banks, Vocals

Miami, Florida

Budette Becks, Flute

Retired U. S. Army Band

Belle Monique, Guest Vocals

Montgomery, Alabama

Al Lewis, Percussions

Graduated to the Heaenly Band

Tamara Pace, Interpertive Dance

Tuskegee, Alabama

Destiny Woods, 9 year old vocalist

Phenix, City, Alabama

Eric Jones, Guitar

Columbus, Georgia

Ggavin Anderson, Trombone

U. S. Army Band, Ft. Benning, Ga.

Edward Suh, Trumpet

Hong Kong, China

Helen Thul, Vocals

Columbus, Ga

James Sanders, Bass

Columbus, Ga

Skyler Shufey, Guitar

Columbus, Ga

Rusty Taylor, Vocals

Columbus, Ga

Ike Alexander, Drums

Columbus, Ga

Janie Wiess. Violin

Ft. Meyers, Florida

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