Church Music Ministries (CMM)

Supporting Church Music, Musicians and Artist

Dr. David A. Banks, Founder


CMM Activities

  • Workshops

  • Concerts

  • Event promotions

  • Dramatic plays

  • Music lessons

  • Youth talent exhibitions

  • Dance  & step

  • Mime

  • Art exhibits

  • Music camps

  • Art, culture and entertainment newsletter

  • Poetry recitals and much more. . .

We Seek To

Provide developmental opportunities for musicians and artist

Cultivate the quality of the arts in and through the church

Provide a support infrastructure for artist


This young lady, as a result of performing in one of our shows, went on to enter and win a national praise dance competition in Nashville, Tennessee. She was the youngest person to ever compete as a solo artist least well win. From there, she earned an acting, singing and dance role in a live play out of Chicago, Illinois.

The arts can help our young men find something productive to do.


4th grade flute-a-phone orchestra influence the quality of music for the middle and high school bands. Kids already know music basics when they join these bands. This project was done in conjunction with the "Betterment Club for Boys and Girls".

We find that many mime artist are mission oriented and take their craft seriously.

Well known the the Macon County area, the Tuskegee Acrobats (high school young men) perform without mats. Here one of the young men is doing a twisting somersault off of a 4 foot stage. I have personally seen them tumble on asphalt surfaces, again without a mat.

Artist in schools. Early exposure to live music and musicians help kids realize that there are options when they come into hip-hop and popular music. Here Taylor Pierce (when he was a youth prodigy and not much older than the kids) performing a live music demonstration.

Youth, after exposure to live musicians, are inspired to take up playing a musical instrument

We need to get back to community music lessons that are available to everyone

Music Camp

Young bass players in the making

Budding young song writer and composer. Applied English composition and literature at a young age.

Youth Praise Dancers

Churches are an excellent training ground and do provide a conducive, multiple and constant opportunities for young people to develop and perform.


Although the schools, participating organizations, churches, artist and even some venues are very nice about supporting our endeavors, to continuously do these projects is expensive, resource intensive and time consuming. For example, we had to discontinue the artist-in-school project for lack of funding. Please help us out with any donation you are so moved to give. Your donation will go a long way and will reach as well as help many people.

Church Music Ministries is a legal non-profit incorporation in the State of Alabama

All donations are tax deductible - Federal EIN number available upon request


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